Console vs PC Gaming

The battle of the ages still rages on when it comes to console gamers versus PC gamers. Still, both parties can put down their arguments and leave the rivalry behind. Gaming rigs and consoles are now equally affordable, making it easier for gamers to dip their feet into both worlds. PC gaming and console gaming each hold their own merits and drawbacks.

Console Gaming Merits

Easy Setup

Console systems come ready to plug and play straight out of the box. There is very little setup involved, aside from system updates that are as easy as pressing a button.

Easy Use

Console systems come equipped with user-friendly interfaces that take the guesswork out of gameplay. Whether you choose to purchase digital or physical copies of your favorite games, your game library is just a few clicks away.

Optimized Accessories

Each console system offers accessories and controllers that are optimized for that specific system. You’ll never have to pre-program your controller or get fed up with incompatible third-party accessories.

Console Gaming Drawbacks

Limited Upgrade Options

Console systems offer heavily limited hardware upgrade options, and attempting to upgrade your system may void any warranty.

Exclusive Releases

Many games are exclusive to certain consoles, meaning you may need several different console systems to play all the games you want. Physical copies of games may not be compatible with older or newer consoles of the same brand. Digital games can make the transfer to new consoles a bit easier but may come with a transfer fee.

Cross-System Limitations

Many consoles do not offer cross-system playing, meaning you won’t be able to play with your PC gamer friends.

PC Gaming Merits

Wider Access To Games

Services like Steam and GOG allow PC players to access game libraries that are much more inclusive than console systems. PC gamers can enjoy games from various systems, as well as many more independent games.


Your gaming experience is only limited to what your PC and monitor are capable of handling. Optimizing your graphics by updating your rig and upgrading your monitor can offer you the crispest visuals, smoothest rendering, and faster loading.


PC gaming rigs often out-perform console systems by leaps and bounds, with powerful hard drives and graphics cards that are unmatched. While consoles often have limited storage space, PC rigs can be modified with internal and external storage, allowing you to download more games than consoles can hold.

PC Gaming Drawbacks

Third-Party Controllers and Accessories

Third-party controllers and accessories can run the risk of system incompatibility and poorer quality, hampering your gaming experience. Good quality controllers and accessories often come with a steep price tag.


A solid PC gaming rig can cost several times what a console will cost. The start-up costs of creating your PC can be a barrier for many. Due to the current chip shortage, prices for video cards and hard drives are staggering, making upgrades nigh on impossible.


PCs are vulnerable to viruses and security breaches. Unless you are computer literate and can protect your computer, you may want to stick with console gaming.

The Verdict

PC and console systems each have their place, pros, and cons. With the technology available today, the playing field is pretty even.