Finding A Great Guitar Teacher

Online tutorials, YouTube videos, and apps offer easily accessible ways to learn the guitar, but one-on-one lessons provide a solid foundation for beginners. While self-teaching is an economical and valid way to learn, it can also create poor playing habits that can hinder your growth as a guitarist in the future. Finding a great guitar teacher can ensure you learn the basics, proper form, and advance your technique at a much faster rate than self-guided learning.

Word Of Mouth

Not all guitar teachers are created equally. Connect with your guitar playing friends and get a recommendation for a solid guitar teacher. Book a lesson or two and find out if the prospective teacher meshes well with you, if you enjoy their teaching style, and what their lesson plans look like. You won’t click with every teacher, but taking them for a test run can help you find the one that does click.


When you’ve got the name of a prospective guitar teacher, do a quick Google search and look up some reviews. These can give you insight into the experience other students have had with them, good and bad.

Local Music Shop

Visit your local music shop and check out the flyer board. You’ll find no shortage of flyers for local guitar teachers. Grab a few names and do a little background research on the teachers. Most teachers will be more than happy to give references and connect you with other students who can testify to their teaching chops.

Local Guitar-Centric Social Media Groups

Social media can be really helpful in connecting with other budding musicians and getting recommendations for reputable, knowledgeable guitar teachers. Ask your social network who they’re learning from. Depending on the size of your town or city, you may see a few names pop up several times. This can help you zero in on more popular teachers.

What To Look For

When looking for a great guitar teacher, there are a few things you want to keep in mind.

Passion For Teaching

A great guitarist does not necessarily translate to a great guitar teacher. Teaching skills trump guitar skills when it comes to beginner levels.

Music Style

The type of music a specific teacher specializes in may not be the style you want to learn. Find a teacher that is passionate about the style you have interest in. A teacher who tries to teach every style likely only has cursory technical knowledge in each.

What To Avoid

Lack Of Transparency

Some teachers will try to withhold their rates and information on lessons until they’ve convinced you to sign up. Transparency is key to building a student-teacher relationship on trust. Don’t get locked into a contract, and don’t prepay for lessons unless you’ve already come to the conclusion that this is the teacher for you.

Lack Of Experience

You shouldn’t be paying premium lesson rates for a teacher who lacks experience. A guitar teacher should have years of experience playing, and at least a few years of teaching experience.

Unprofessional Conduct

Your guitar teacher should be prepared for your lesson each week. They should have a clear sense of the lesson plan, and each lesson should help you build on the previous lesson to help you meet your goals.

If you plan to spend money to further your guitar skills, get the best lesson for you buck and be choosy about who you pay to teach you. Take your time, try out a few different teachers, and figure out who will be the best fit for you.