Smart Lighting

Smart lighting not only offers energy efficiency and security but also offers a wide range of customization options, comfort, and convenience. Here are some basics you need to know when browsing for a new lighting setup!

LED Strip Lighting

LED strip lights are all the rage with kids, teens, and adults alike. These light strips allow you to create the perfect setting in any space. From lighting your cabinets to lighting the mood, Smart LED strip lighting allows you total control, from dimming to hue, with a few taps on your smartphone. Installation is simple and straightforward, as each strip is backed with sturdy adhesive tape. Strips can be customized for length as well!

Light Bulbs

Smart bulbs are internet-capable LED lights that can be used on any lamp or lighting fixture in your home. These bulbs can be fully customized, controlled remotely, and set on timers. Depending on the brand, you can change the color, dimness, or brightness and synchronize your lights to your playlist.

TV and Monitor backlighting

Smart TV or monitor backlighting offers an immersive experience for your gaming and watching needs. These smart lights connect with your TV or computer system to sync with whatever you are watching or playing, shifting color and intensity based on what is actively happening on screen. These lights can bring your games and movies to life!

Light Panels

If subtlety isn’t your thing, opt for smart light panels that turn any wall in your home into an interactive, eye-catching work of art. These lights offer custom color creation, edge-to-edge display, pre-set modes, music sync capabilities, and more. Each panel set can be placed in any shape or layout you can imagine, so your design options are only limited to the number of panels you purchase.

Security Lights

Secure your home and set a schedule or enable sensors, so your lights come on as soon as you roll into the driveway with smart security lights. These all-weather, WiFi-connected lights are more powerful than indoor bulbs and illuminate the exterior of your home to ensure your safety, security, and peace of mind. Smart security lights can be controlled from an app downloaded to your phone, so you can turn them on from anywhere at any time.

Light Bulb Speaker

Smart light bulb speakers combine the best of smart lighting with Bluetooth speakers. Control the color, brightness, and patterns of these lights while jamming out to your favorite tunes. You can connect these WiFi-capable bulbs to your favorite playlists on any streaming platform. Not only are these speaker bulbs fun, but they’re also energy efficient too!

Bring your home into the 21st century with these smart lights! The options for customization are limitless, and you’ll be doing it in style.