The Basis of the Universe

Sound and music are the basis of the universe. All sounds have frequencies that affect our bodies and minds in different ways. Sound is vibration, the vibration of the universe. The planet Earth is a musical instrument, through which we can hear celestial music in all its forms. Scientists have discovered that everything in nature – plants, animals, humans – reacts to music. The right kind of music can change your mood, improve your health and even prolong your life. Music is a universal language and it can be used to communicate with each other across time and space. It helps us to connect with our higher self as well as with our innermost feelings and emotions. Music has been used for healing since ancient times, but it has also been used for war. Darn it!

The universal rhythm of the universe is repeated in all musical instruments, as also in our hearts. Music helps us to let go of negative feelings and blockages in our body and mind.

Different people have different views about their reality, but they all depend on their point of view. Reality is subjective; the way we perceive it depends on the contents of our consciousness. By changing our thoughts, we change our perception: how we see things changes; how we think about things changes; how we react to them changes – thus what happens to us changes!