The Miraculous Power of Music

Music has been an important part of human culture for centuries. It has the power to evoke emotions and memories, create unity, and incite change. From early man’s first drum beat to modern day hip-hop, all types of music have shaped the world we live in. Music has influenced everything from fashion to food to language  So, now you know why this topic is so important!

The Power of Music

According to UNESCO, “Music unites people in song, dance, poetry and ceremonies.” And, it seems like everyone needs a break now and then. We all know how detrimental depression can be. When your mind is clouded with feelings of sadness and loneliness, sometimes all you need is a little music to bring you back to life. Music can help to cheer you up when you are depressed and keep you motivated when you are in a rut. So, what can we expect from listening to the right kind of music?

Music Can Be Pain Relieving

According to the British Red Cross, music can actually be used as a pain reliever for cancer patients. It is thought that when we hear a sad, familiar or even soothing music, the mind can get stuck in one specific thought for a certain period of time.

Music Timing and Beat

Music has a sense of rhythm. By imitating musical sounds, we have a natural ability to have a sense of rhythm and timing. If we are able to sync up and match up our footsteps with the beat of a song, we can move fluidly in a rhythmic way. This is a skill that we can all develop. And, with practice, we can refine our music timing and beat.

Music Improves Your Health

Music helps your heart and lungs perform better. Singing, in particular, has been found to lower blood pressure and increase exercise performance, according to a study published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine. This may be because singing allows us to replicate a greater range of movement that we may not be able to achieve while exercising on our own.

How Music Influences Our Lives

One of the first things that comes to mind when discussing music is that of sound. Music is essentially sounds—the creation and manipulation of different sounds in a musical format. According to Wikipedia , The sounds of music can be divided into three categories: harmonic sounds, percussive sounds, and “percussive signals” (which include the use of whistles or other sounds not integral to the auditory experience of music). Sound is at the core of most forms of art and in order to truly appreciate a piece of art, you must understand the elements of the art that create the artistic masterpiece. For instance, the modern art that has been created in the last few decades all have one thing in common—metaphors and metaphors.


Music is an important part of human culture, influencing what we wear, how we talk, and even the way we think. We should all take advantage of music in our lives and be active participants when it comes to music. Time to shine, music fans!