Things To Consider When Shopping For A Tablet

Shopping for a new tablet can be stressful, especially with so many options on the market! Here are some things to consider when shopping for a tablet that will take some of the guesswork out of the process.


Who is the new tablet for? Are you shopping for a child, a teenager who loves to game, or a chronic binge-watcher? Kids can be easily placated with a lower-quality tablet, especially if they only use it for simple games and watching videos. Teens and adults may need better quality tablets so they can be used to complete a variety of tasks.

Price Range

How much tablet can you afford? Very basic, low storage tablets can run as low as $45, but quality tablets with more storage run anywhere from $150-$800 depending on the brand.

Android or Apple

If you and your family are brand-loyal, you’ll want to stick with the same system. What type of phone does the intended recipient own? One of the most valuable features of tablets is the ability to sync with a phone. This is only possible if the phone and tablet run the same systems.


Do you need the best display available, or is your new tablet just for casual use? Top-of-the-line tablets will have much better resolution, offering a better viewing experience. Other display quandaries worthy of consideration include what display size you are looking for, accessibility options, and screen coating.

Battery Life

The frequency and duration with which the tablet will be used will play a critical factor in which tablet you choose. Because different apps draw different power loads from your battery, this is very much a personal use question. Take time to check your current tablet’s app usage to figure out how many hours of battery life you use daily. This will help you determine which tablets can withstand your battery use.

Size and Weight

If you carry your tablet around all day, every day, size and weight will matter. Heavier tablets can cause strain on your wrist, leading to injury over time. A lightweight tablet would be the better option, but that weight should not come at the cost of durability. If you’re constantly walking around with your tablet in hand, the risk of an eventual accident or fall increases.

Processing Power

Will this new tablet be your workhorse for rendering artwork, uploading music or video, or doing other important tasks? The type of processor your tablet contains will directly affect how fast your work can be completed.

Storage Space

More budget-friendly tablets will generally come at the cost of storage space. On average, tablets will have 8GB to 64GB of storage. This amount of storage is adequate for streaming, browsing, and downloading books. If you plan to load your tablet up with HD movies and data-heavy games, you’ll want a tablet with 256GB or more.