Top 10 Things To Know About Vinyl Records

Vinyl records are making a big comeback. Record collecting is becoming more popular, and vinyls are gaining traction in the mainstream. If you’ve never collected them before, you might be wondering why they’re so cool. Here are 10 things to know about vinyl records.

1) Vinyl records look great displayed on your shelf or coffee table.

2) They sound better than digital music files: CDs and mp3s may offer convenience, but they can’t compare to the warm sound of a vinyl record spinning on a turntable.

3) You can get albums that are out of print on vinyl: Want to find an album that you’ve searched everywhere for and haven’t been able to find anywhere? You might be able to find it in a vinyl format.

4) There’s something for everyone: jazz, classical, hip hop, alternative rock, you name it.

5) Vinyl records are an amazing way to preserve the past.

Vinyl has an amazing nostalgic power: With the resurgence in popularity of vinyl records, people who grew up in the pre-CD era are buying their childhood favorite albums in this format and listening again with fresh ears. A lot of people who grew up when CD’s were popular see this as a way to “return” to their own formative years when they were discovering new music.

6) The album art is beautiful, and you can see it up close when you put it on display: For those who grew up during the heyday of vinyl records, the cover art was always one of the most exciting parts about getting a new album home from the store. It was often painstakingly pored over by kids looking for clues about what they might hear on the other side. Looking at a beautiful piece of art while listening to a great album.

7) With a turntable and speakers, you can create your own home stereo system that suits your personal style

8) They can be damaged easily, so you have to take care of them

9) Vinyl records are different than digital audio.

Vinyl records may seem like an old-fashioned item, but if you think about it they’re actually more modern than digital audio files because they produce warmer sound quality and better sound fidelity than MP3s, CDs, or even DVDs.

10) They can be expensive

The Sound Quality

This is one of the most popular reasons for collecting vinyl records. Vinyls offer unparalleled sound quality, which is why they’re making a comeback. There are certain albums that will never be available on digital formats, so you’ll have to buy them on vinyl if you want to hear them.

Album Art is a Big Deal

If you’ve ever wondered why people love vinyl records so much, this list explains it all. They look great, sound better than digital music files, and have the ability to bring back memories of days gone by. Plus, they just feel more special than an mp3 file on your computer.

Collecting Vinyl Records

Collecting vinyl records is a hobby for some people. It’s like collecting anything, really. There are those who collect stamps, coins, and other objects that fascinate them. Vinyl records are no exception; they can offer the collector a way to connect with their favorite artists and bands and find new music to love.

Vinyl records also make great gifts for the music lover in your life. It’s hard to go wrong with an album by your favorite artist or band, especially when it has beautiful artwork on the cover!


So, are you ready to get on board with this vinyl record trend?

Why not buy a turntable to listen to your records? If you’re more of a visual person, you can always buy the album art separately and put it in a frame. If you’re more interested in collecting vinyl records, go to our music store for our collection. Whatever you do, make sure you know the 10 things about vinyl records before you buy!