Welcome to Preston Music and Electronics

My name is Preston and I love music so much that I decided to start my own store. I have been playing guitar for 5 years and I play and sing everyday. It’s such an awesome feeling when I play my guitar. I enter a whole new world. A world of peace, love, harmony and happiness. I am inviting you to join me in this beautiful world of music. It has been said that music is the universal language and I agree, it is! No matter what language you speak, everyone understands music.

I’ve started to write my own songs and I’m working on starting a band. Some of my friends have just recently bought guitars and I am helping them learn to play. It is so much fun. I don’t care about being rich and famous, I just play to have fun and to enter the beautiful world of music.

I have a cat named LoveZ and she loves music, too. She’ll curl up into a ball on my bed and listen to me playing and singing. I’ll look out my window when playing and watch the birds and look at the trees, and admire the big blue sky and everything else and all seems to become one and I feel free as a bird.

I also enjoy playing video games. I enjoy playing NBA2K with my friends right now, but we play a whole lot of other games, too. We have so much fun, talking and laughing together while we play. Sometimes we get a little mad when we lose, but we scream and shout when we win.

I have a mild case of cerebral palsy and it has caused my right leg to dislocate from my hip, so I have to wait for my hip bone to grow more before I can have surgery to fix it. I’m in a wheelchair right now, but in two, or three years I’ll have my surgery and be able to walk. Can’t wait until that day!

I’m homeschooling right now and I’m enjoying it, but I miss my friends. Sometimes, one of my friends will spend the night with me and we’ll play guitars and video games all night. It’s so much fun! I’m very lucky to have such great friends.

Thanks for visiting Prestons Music & Electronics we hope we were able to inspire you as well as give you the ability to procure something you’ll enjoy. I also enjoy talking with you too.

I’ll keep you guys updated on my journey and my store as often as possible, Who knows? Maybe soon you and I will be playing music and video games together, at least this is what I hope for… thanks again for being here.